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Corporate Tax Services

Our team is competent to provide all-around comprehensive tax advisory and support services to companies doing business in Nigeria.

Tax Compliance


Income Tax Compilation and Compliance

Under the current tax legal framework, every company doing business in Nigeria regardless of incorporation location must render its tax returns to the Federal Inland Revenue Service on an annual basis. We assist corporations in computing, compiling, and submitting their income tax returns. This comprehensive service involves gathering financial information, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and maximizing eligible deductions. In doing this, we navigate the complex tax laws, interpret changes, and strategize to minimize liabilities. These approaches not only ensure legal compliance for our clients across diverse industries, but also aims to optimize their financial outcomes.

Value Added Tax (VAT) & Withholding Tax (WHT) Compliance

Navigating VAT and WHT obligations is crucial for business success. We specialize in VAT and WHT compliance, offering comprehensive support to guide companies through the compliance with the intricate regulations. Our experts analyze financial structures, assess transactions, and provide strategic recommendations, ensuring compliance with evolving tax laws. With precision and up-to-date knowledge, we navigate changes in VAT and WHT requirements, promoting fiscal responsibility and regulatory adherence while safeguarding your financial interests.

Procurement of Tax Clearance Certificates

Our Tax Clearance Certificate Procurement Service facilitates a seamless process to help businesses to obtain the tax clearance certificates. Our dedicated team expedites the application process and liaises with tax authorities to guarantee favourable outcomes for our clients who benefit from a hassle-free experience, enabling them to meet financial and legal obligations and for their corporate uses and purpose.

This deliverable is a contingent on our retail tax advisory and compliance service.

Procurement of Acceptance Certificates

Acceptance certificates are issued by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, as proof to substantiate claims on prior-year qualifying capital expenditures by companies. These certificates confer an unfettered right to enjoy Capital Allowances, unlike provisional grants that can be recalled.

We render acceptance certificates facilitation services by managing the entire process, including compiling and submitting requisite returns, liaising with the Ministry, and scheduling inspection visits for all locations throughout the engagement.


Tax Planning and Tax Risk Management

Our tax planning and risk management service optimizes your financial strategy, minimizing tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations. Our seasoned professionals analyze your unique financial landscape, identifying opportunities for deductions, credits, and legal tax incentives. Simultaneously, we assess potential risks and implement proactive measures to mitigate them. Through meticulous planning and strategic foresight, we tailor a comprehensive tax strategy that not only maximizes savings but also safeguards against potential challenges, ensuring your financial health and regulatory compliance.

Desk Reviews, Tax Audits and Investigation Support

The Federal Inland Revenue Service may conduct desk reviews of company tax returns, identifying potential tax risks. We offer representation on this scope, addressing matters raised by the Service.

Additionally, the FIRS conducts annual audits and periodic investigations, and our representation and support service assists businesses facing tax scrutiny. We act as advocates, liaising with tax authorities, preparing documentation, and navigating the audit process. This comprehensive support minimizes potential liabilities, addresses discrepancies, and optimizes outcomes, mitigating stress associated with tax audits. Our proactive approach to compliance safeguards client interests and fortifies financial resilience against potential tax challenges.

Tax Due Diligence and Health Check

As due diligence consultants, we conduct thorough examinations of a company’s tax records during transactions, identifying risks and opportunities. Our approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the tax landscape, facilitating informed decision-making. We offer strategic recommendations to optimize tax positions, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance post-transaction financial performance. Focused on minimizing uncertainties, our services contribute to successful transactions by uncovering critical insights, empowering well-informed business decisions.