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ICFR Consulting

We offer specialist guidance to commercial entities in ensuring that an organization’s financial reporting processes comply with regulatory standards. Our approach to our ICFR engagements allows us to assess the internal controls, identify weaknesses, and provide strategic recommendations to enhance accuracy and transparency in financial reporting. We also help in the design and implementation of effective control frameworks, aligning with industry regulations and best practices. This ensures that businesses mitigate the risk of financial misstatements, fraud, and non-compliance, as well as maintaining robust internal controls, fostering confidence in financial reporting accuracy, and meeting regulatory requirements.

Independent Internal Audit Evaluation

We offer independent advisory services in performing internal audit evaluations through a thorough and impartial examination of an organization’s internal controls, risk management processes, and governance structures. In executing this service, we conduct objective assessments to ensure compliance with policies, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. We help organizations identify areas of improvement and provide recommendations for enhancing operational efficiency. These approaches play a critical role in promoting transparency, preventing fraud, and strengthening overall corporate governance in the organization.

Board Evaluation Programmes

A strong and committed Board is a vital asset for any company, ensuring it fulfills its objectives and mission for shareholders. While skilled staff are crucial, their talents need the guidance of an effective Board. Board evaluation programs independently assess the collective and individual performance of the Board and its members, examining board composition, nomination processes, member contributions, and policy impact on shareholder value. This process ensures the Board remains a strategic force, channeling resources and direction for optimal organizational success.

We offer tailored evaluations, employing surveys, interviews, and benchmarking to gauge board effectiveness, communication, and adherence to best practices. These programs identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, fostering transparency and accountability. By providing actionable insights, they enable boards to optimize decision-making, align with strategic goals, and ensure compliance whilst maintaining corporate integrity, mitigating risks, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the governance framework.

Due Diligence Programmes

We specialize in performing comprehensive Due Diligence Studies, meticulously examining company management and financial aspects. This service is essential for prospective investors, those seeking to establish trade relations, or entities considering acquisition bids. Our rigorous approach ensures a thorough understanding of a company’s operational and financial landscape, providing valuable insights into potential risks and opportunities. Whether for informed investment decisions, fostering trade partnerships, or facilitating acquisition processes, we serve as a crucial tool in helping clients navigate business ventures with confidence and strategic clarity.

Business Valuation Services

We provide comprehensive business valuation services designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our team of experienced analysts employs advanced methodologies and industry insights to deliver accurate and reliable valuations. Whether you are preparing for a sale, merger, acquisition, or strategic planning, our detailed analysis will give you a clear understanding of your company’s value. We evaluate tangible and intangible assets, market conditions, and future earning potential to deliver valuations that withstand scrutiny and support informed decision-making.

Business Combinations, Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide specialized consulting services, particularly in business combinations, mergers and acquisitions, and financial reconstructions. We navigate these complex landscapes with a deep understanding of industry intricacies through our commitment to adhering to standard industry practices, thus, ensuring the maintenance of unwavering objectivity and confidentiality throughout the consulting process. By seamlessly integrating these principles, we not only deliver expert advice but also foster an environment of trust and reliability, creating a foundation for successful and ethically sound corporate transformations.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Training and Conversion Programmes

We offer specialized training and conversion programs for IFRS compliance by providing comprehensive education and support for businesses transitioning to the IFRS. Our offerings in this service scope equip organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and implement IFRS effectively. Training includes in-depth sessions on IFRS principles, accounting standards, and reporting requirements. Conversion programs guide businesses through the process of transitioning their financial reporting systems to align with the IFRS. By offering targeted training and conversion assistance, we ensure that businesses can navigate the complexities of IFRS seamlessly, enhancing financial reporting accuracy and compliance.

Recruitment and Other Training Programmes

We offer employee recruitment services to Nigerian and Foreign companies covering, headhunting and employee placements. The clients’ terms of reference in the conduct of these services are followed to the letter to ensure objectivity and recruitment of the most competent employee into the services of our clients.

Investment Feasibility Report/ Business Plan Development (IFR/BPD)

Our team offers advisory services in helping businesses conduct a comprehensive research, considering market dynamics, financial projections, and operational aspects of setting up a business. Our detailed approach to preparing IFR/BPD involves a rigorous analysis and assessment of key indices and factors to determine the viability and potential success of a proposed project or business venture. We also evaluate risks, resource requirements, and potential challenges, providing clients with a detailed report outlining the project’s feasibility. This service assists decision-makers in making informed choices by identifying opportunities and potential pitfalls.