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We offer a wide range of audit and assurance-related services to commercial and non-commercial entities

Statutory Audits

We offer statutory audit services by independently examining and evaluating a company’s financial statements, internal controls, and overall financial reporting practices aimed to provide assurance to investors, creditors, regulators and other stakeholders regarding the accuracy and reliability of the financial information presented by the audited entity.

Our audit reports on whether the financial statements of client entities are prepared in compliance with the relevant legislation and the relevant international accounting standards as adopted by the Financial Reporting Council (for Nigerian companies).

We also comprehensively review the internal controls across all client operations, identifying weaknesses and offering recommendations for improvement. Upon specific request, we can periodically evaluate and assure clients of their internal controls’ adequacy and compliance, providing additional assurances beyond standard statutory audits.

Our audit team is equipped with a robust technical skill-set and unwavering professionalism. We combine technology with traditional methods in our audit process through the deployment of reputable audit tools (Audit International – CaseWare). Our commitment to excellence enhances the credibility of financial information, benefiting investors and other key stakeholders and we prioritize client satisfaction by deploying competent professionals in the relevant industries.

Reporting Accountants

We provide specialised reporting accountant services crucial for Public Offerings, Private Placements, Mergers & Acquisitions, and other transactions regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our firm is SEC-accredited, enabling our Firm to play a vital role in ensuring that all financial disclosures included in offering documentation comply with SEC standards. We conduct comprehensive audits and offer independent assurance on the financial information presented to potential investors. Our meticulous approach helps identify and address potential financial reporting issues, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Forensic Audits, Special Audits and Investigations

Our firm offers special audits and investigation services, uncovering facts related to malpractices, fraud, or evaluating the functioning of arms, subsidiaries, or divisions. The objective is usually to establish the ongoing relevance and value creation ability of these components for informed decision-making. Providing clear expert opinion, we also empower clients to mount robust defenses in litigation. Our specialization include forensic due diligence, financial reporting assessment, internal investigations, anti-corruption inquiries, and financial investigations. Our comprehensive services aim to ensure success and integrity in clients’ business operations, addressing a spectrum of issues for well-informed decision-making and litigation support.

Government Audits

Government ministries, agencies, and departments are mandated to maintain reliable financial records and undergo the periodic audits of their financial statements to ensure financial transparency and regulatory compliance for the public sector. Our team of public sector auditors will meticulously examine financial records, internal controls, and operational processes to identify potential risks and inefficiencies. We also provide comprehensive reports, highlighting areas for improvement and adherence to statutory requirements.

Continuous Internal Audit Function

Internal audit is crucial for enhancing internal controls, risk management, and governance, ensuring policy and industry standard compliance. Overcoming challenges posed by in-house departments, our outsourced internal audit service offers competent professionals with supervised service delivery for independence.

This offering delivers cost-effective value, identifying inefficiencies, mitigating fraud risks, and providing insights for informed decision-making with emphasis on transparency and accountability in improving overall organizational performance.

Information Technology and Systems Audit

In a technology-driven age, businesses must consider well-rounded security of their systems to meet objectives. Our IT audit approach evaluates and safeguards an organization’s IT infrastructure, ensuring data integrity and compliance with regulations. As IT auditors, we identify vulnerabilities, assess cybersecurity measures, and review technology-related risks. This service enhances data protection, optimizes IT investments, and ensures digital operational resilience, vital in this fast-paced age.