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Corporate Tax Services

We are poised to aid individuals and all other taxpayers captured under the Personal Income Tax Act through the deployment of sound tax advisory services and compliance management and implementation.

PIT Compliance Services

PIT Compliance Services

PIT Compilation and Compliance

In line with global initiatives for accurate income disclosures, Nigeria updates tax laws to align with economic realities, operating the Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) and Self-Assessment schemes. Goldwyns provides customized support for individuals in tax compliance, offering meticulous data gathering, deduction examination, and precise income tax return preparation. Our consistent competency in devising tax compilations under these schemes aids individuals and companies in meeting compliance requirements effectively.

Annual Payroll Management and Reconciliation

We provide annual payroll reconciliation services for businesses, ensuring a comprehensive review of payroll records, financial transactions, and compliance with tax regulations. Our experts specialize in employee data verification, reconciliation, deductions, withholdings, year-end reports, and regulatory compliance. Outsourcing to us minimizes the risk of errors, legal complications, and allows you to focus on your core business activities. Benefit from professional payroll management expertise to ensure accuracy and compliance, whilst gaining confidence in your payroll processes.

Tax Clearance Certificate Procurement

Our Tax Clearance Certificate Procurement Service facilitates a seamless process for the employees of client companies obtain their tax clearance certificates. We navigate the complexities of tax compliance, ensuring timely submissions and adherence to regulations. Our dedicated team expedites the application process, liaises with tax authorities to help clients benefit from a hassle-free experience, and enable them meet financial and legal obligations.

This deliverable is a contingent on our retail tax advisory and compliance service.

Compliance with Other Employee-related Statutory Bodies

We provide a Compliance Management Service tailored for businesses, ensuring seamless adherence to statutory obligations related to employees and payroll. Our service streamlines registration and upkeep of compliance profiles with key bodies like the National Pension Commission (PENCOM), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Nigeria Social Insurance Trustfund (NSITF), National Housing Fund (NHF), and others. Businesses benefit from our expertise in managing periodic remittances and return obligations mandated by governing laws. Our comprehensive solution guarantees compliance, and we furnish clients with annual compliance certificates issued by these regulators as tangible proof of their adherence to regulatory requirements, offering peace of mind and assurance in navigating complex statutory landscapes.

PIT Advisory Services

Tax Planning and Tax Risk Management

Tax planning and tax risk management are crucial aspects of financial management for individuals and businesses. At Goldwyns, we will help you organize your personal income tax affairs in a way that maximizes tax efficiency and minimizes liabilities within legal bounds, and assist you with identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential tax-related risks that could lead to adverse consequences, such as penalties, or litigation.

We will also design and provide advisory on a tax plan for your business to help it take advantage of all allowances and tax reliefs allowed in the relevant tax laws in Nigeria without compromising the credibility of the business and its statutory responsibility to the relevant tax authorities.

Desk Reviews, Tax Audits and Investigation Support

By practice, the respective States Internal Revenue Service routinely conduct an audit on the returns filed by the company on behalf of its employees for prior periods. We also offer consulting services to help companies manage this exercise on the strength of the available information, whilst assessing the risk exposures resulting from returns filed for these periods and liaising with the tax authorities to guarantee favourable outcomes on behalf of client companies.

Tax Due Diligence and Health Check

Tax due diligence and health checks are processes conducted by businesses to assess and evaluate their tax-related compliance and identify/assess potential risk exposures. This could be undertaken in the context of mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, or as part of regular internal reviews.

In cases where the exercise is triggered by an investing company, the main purpose is to identify and assess potential PAYE-related tax risks, liabilities, and opportunities associated with the target company. This process helps the acquirer make informed decisions about the deal, negotiate terms, and plan for post-transaction integration.

We offer consulting services through the thorough assessment of the target company’s PAYE-tax-related matters as part of the wider due diligence scope of such engagements by identifying risks, liabilities, and opportunities, and providing comprehensive findings and recommendations to enable informed decision-making in business transactions.